Category: Event Safety

October 2017 – In the News

Fireworks in November Remember, remember the fifth of November, Fireworks, Bonfires, so hot, We see no reason Why Firework Season Should be such a dangerous lot! 990 injuries were caused in the UK last October and November as the result of improper safety measures around fireworks and bonfires. Enjoy the magic without the danger and […]

School Fined For Safety Failings At Summer Camp

A School in Canterbury, has been fined for safety failings at a summer activity camp after a seven-year-old boy had to be given CPR after coming into difficulty during a swimming lesson. Canterbury Crown Court heard how the boy was at a summer activity camp run by St Edmunds School and was taking part in a […]

Olympic Health and Safety: Record Breakers

When the most dangerous thing associated with a programme employing 12,000 staff and involving 80 million man hours over five years is a sandcastle, you know you’ve done a good job in terms of health and safety. While the 13 ft-by-6.5 ft sand sculpture on Weymouth beach – built to mark 100 days to go […]

August 2016 – In the News

Would you put your phone in a cement mixer? British phone retailer Tuffphones has unveiled a new range of hard-wearing handsets aimed at construction workers and outdoors enthusiasts. It’s the latest addition to a range of extra-durable Android devices in the growing market for rugged phones. The BBC took them to a building site to […]

Ban on Throwing Mortarboards ‘tired health and safety myth’

Students have been banned from throwing their mortarboards in the air at the University of East Anglia (UEA), with health and safety being used as an erroneous excuse. According to The Tab, the student newspaper for the university in Norwich, students have been urged to mime a throwing action and have hats digitally added to […]

May 2016 – In the News

Balfour Beatty fined £2.6m After Fatal Trench Collapse On 14 April 2010 Sim had climbed into one of the deepest parts of the trench, which had sheer sides, to connect two pieces of ducting when a large piece of the wall collapsed on him. Between 10 and 20 colleagues, including workers directly employed Balfour Beatty, […]

March 2016 – In the News

Alton Towers owners to face prosecution The owner of Alton Towers is to be prosecuted after a rollercoaster crash last year, which left five people seriously injured. Victoria Balch and Leah Washington had their legs amputated after the crash on 2 June 2015, when the Smiler rollercoaster ride hit an empty carriage in front of it. An […]

Changes for 2015

The next 12 months will be a busy one for WA Management as changes are a foot across the board. The largest changes we expect are the revisions to the ISO 9001 standard and the CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations. Both are expected to be significant and will mean a large percentage of our […]

Brazil World Cup: should FIFA take responsibility for safety standards?

The 2014 World Cup kicked off in Brazil last week however the stadium wasn’t finished in time for the opening ceremony. The construction companies overseeing the World Cup stadia are scrabbling to finish the job.The consensus among both international observers, and the Brazilian people themselves, is that the government has bitten off more than it […]